About Us

Hello, and welcome to our store. Thank you so much for finding us and we are super glad you are here. But in case you don't know who we are, well, let us tell you a story. (But this one is not about a Prince..Fresh or otherwise.)

The year is 2004, and after 3 years of being a Theater Director, it was time for a change. And well, the circus was not in town, so the next best thing was to run away with the Ren Faire. Jennifer, our Master Silver Smith, was lucky enough to find a great boss in Gordon Silvernail. Over the next couple of years, he taught her the fine art of smithing and an appreciation of some good rum. 

After a great apprenticeship, the opportunity of a lifetime arose. And what started as a 1 year trial run of living life on the road became a whole lot more. In 2008 Gentry Jewelry was born. Since the beginning, we have always had these three ideals. 1) Quality jewelry at reasonable prices. 2) Make everyday wear jewelry for everyday people. And, 3) Have fun while making it.

Now, 11 years plus, with all of the support from our Ren Faire family and friends, here we are; live on the World Wide Web. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts of keeping this crazy dream alive. We hope to have many more awesome years to come.