Thank you for all your support! We will be at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival 4/10-5-31 2021!!!!

We are so THANKFUL!

Wow. Just WOOOOOOOWWWW. 2020 was a doozy of a year. We thought going into it, it was going to be a year for the history books. So, at least part of that Monkey's Paw wish came true. After many, many, MANY sleepless nights and worry; through luck, support, and dogged tenacity we are here. We made to the other side of hope. We cannot express how much it means to us, that we are here. And we can truly say we are here because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

Welcome to Gentry Jewelry

Well, hello and welcome! We are so happy to have you here! Inside, you will find just a small selection of all the awesome things we can make. Every week we will be adding new things to the store, changing listings, updating product shots, you know the normal stuff when trying to keep a website fresh.  So stayed tuned to our social media channels or just swing on by to see what has changed or been added. 

We can still do our famous custom orders. So if you don't see an item listed on the store just yet, please reach out to us. We look forward to creating you something amazing!

On the Road or At Home; Gentry Jewelry Always

Being "on the road" is not for everyone. But we love everyone we have met at all our road shows. We look forward to many years of new faces and some old ones too.

You can always check us out at our home show, the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Until then, you can always find us here. Ready, able, and willing to make the right piece for you.  

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