The never ending To Do List, or Open your own business and you will never have a day off again

Greetings from the Michigan RenFest. There are only two more weeks after this weekend, and then we shift into online and special project mode. This year, we have a new wrinkle of interviewing people for our open apprentice position. But that is the life of a non starving artist. It is like the parable of the ant and grasshopper. Work hard while the sun and land is good to save for the harsh winter. 

We look forward to recovering from all the traveling and dedicating more time to shoring up a few things here and there. In addition to get most of our stock on the website. (Super yay-ed JEA) But until then we have 6 more faire days and we want to make the most of it. So thank you everyone that has already come by and have bought all our awesome pieces. 

We have so many ideas for the future, and we can't wait to share them. But anytime we have one thing, there is always so much set up to get done. So whether you are seeking work, or wanting to go out on your own, or looking for your next hire. It is not passion or loyalty you need. What you need is determination, flexibility, and a healthy ability to grow. Now, back to number 17 on that To Do List, Write blog post. Check. Let's see number 18, post new bracelet. Ooh, that one is fun. Number 19.....

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