Important info about Production Delays plus how to cook for a group

Well, well, well, here we are. April 3rd, 2020, and just announced our last event of the spring has officially cancelled. *Big Sigh* Dang. 

What does this mean for you? Well, a few things. First, any items we were working on during the Tampa Bay Renaissance Fair will be delayed. We do not know as of yet of the time frame, but please bear with us as we sort all of this out. We hope to contact everyone as soon as we get a game plan in formation. 

Second, when the Tampa Bay Ren Faire was cut short, we came to Texas to hunker down and wait to see if the Scarborough Ren Fair would open. Alas, with it closing today, we will now be heading back to Michigan. So we will be updating our website with the full power of the internet and access to our home studio. 

Third, we will be looking into gift cards and the like. It cannot be understated that these are some tough times for a small business. And worse for one that relies on events to make their living off of them. So we will do all we can to stay in business and work on making it easier for you to help support us in this trying time. 

Fourthly, how do you cook for a group? Well, being from Wisconsin we have some suggestions. We really casserole,  meat loaf, and soups. They sometimes can get a bit samey, but they do well to feed a group. And when you are done, are excellent to freeze for leftovers. In addition, to thicken a soup or make it more filling add powdered potatoes to the mix. 

As always, we will make this out together. We thank you so much for all our friends, family, and customers that have been so supportive to us. Thank you so very very much.


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