Greetings from Michigan!

Good morning Ren Faire family and friends! Sorry for the lack of updates, so this one will pack as much as we can. . First, we made it safely from Colorado to Michigan. Hooray.
Second, our ferrety children, Finley, Rocket, and old man Whiskers are over their illness. Thank you for everyone that reached out to us. It was scary seeing them fall ill so soon after we got home and very sad thinking that we might've had to say goodbye to old man Whiskers. But it seems we are going to be blessed with at least a few more months with that little guy.

Third, in better news, the shop is fully set up for the run of the Michigan fair! So, we will be cranking out and busting out all the orders we can. Thank you so much for being patient as we transitioned from states. It takes a bit to tear it all down and then put it all back up.

Fourth, in even better news, we got our cast order in. We will be able to finish up some orders pretty soon. So please stand by as we contact and update you on the status of your order.

Fifth, in less better news, our stone order has been delayed. We are currently working to make arrangements to make sure we can fulfill orders with stones as soon as we can. Many apologies for the delay.

Sixth, (whoo this is a big update already number 6?) we will be responding to all the messages and emails we have received this week, again, thank you all for being so patient.

Seventh, we will be contacting contest winners of the My Gentry contest. Thank you so much for everyone that participated. We are so so grateful. Watch for a message from us for your coupon!

Eighth, the website will be tweaked over the coming weeks. It will better reflect our products and style. Everything from new product shots to new descriptions to updated blog posts. Launching the website was just the first step and we hope to continue to give you reasons to come back and check us out. Even if it is just to check in on what we are up to or where we are in the country. 

Ninth, we will be holding a contest for tickets for this years Michigan Ren faire!!! Details will be coming in another stand alone post. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone for sticking with us as our company continues to grow and expand into new areas and avenues. You guys are what makes the dream work. From Texas, to Florida, to Colorado to here in Michigan. Thank you so so much. But, sometimes we drop the ball. As we grow, it becomes too much for a one woman show. So, we are happy and proud to announce, we will starting our search for a Jewelry Apprentice. We will post more details Friday, until then, we just wanted to say thank you for helping us get this far. Thank you so very much!!!

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