Covid-19, New Ferrets(!!!), Ferrets sick ( again!!!), and Hope!

Hello ren faire family and friends. Talk about an interesting time. What was that curse? May you live in interesting times. Let us take a moment to reflect on that on the current situation:


Man, that is like from just this morning. To say that things have not gone as planned is a severe understatement. We wanted to announce a new employee. (We won't be able to.) We wanted to announce a new permanent show. (The show is now on hold until May 2nd if it happens at all). We wanted to do many new updates to the website. (So much time has been spent on applying for aid AND we will get back to it. But *raises shoulders* no idea when.) We wanted to further work on the studio at home. (But we are going to have to work real HARD make sure we still have a home and a business when all this is over.)

Needless to say, this is just us. A small business. We cannot imagine what this means for other businesses and the greater economy. We would ask all our past patrons to please buy from us, continue to purchase, and etc like most businesses are probably saying to all their new and old customers. And don't get us wrong, we will do that too. Only because that is what we are reduced to.

There are so many of us small businesses that live on so small margins, we are sounding the alarm first on how devastating this is to us.Many of us wish we could be selling to you at conventions, markets, ren fairs, and all over the place. But in an effort to not get sick ourselves and help people from getting sick. Online it is. So please DO shop at the places. Please do not mind getting so many emails. Or Facebook ads. That is what we small businesses are reduced to.

That said, that only works if the customers have money. None of this works if everyone is broke or is jobless. Which is the worst case scenario. Will it happen? Maybe? If this thing goes on from about 4 months it is a real reality. These emergencies measures will only hold on for so long. And what we are holding on for is either a cure, a treatment, or testing. So here is hoping our May show will kick in and we can start getting back to working and living all our lives as best as we can. 

But that may not happen. Which, well, if that happens, we will hang on as much as we can and as long as we can. Skills do not just disappear. So as long as Jen does not get sick or die, we will come back. We love doing this, and we will come back if we can. So if you haven't yet, please apply for unemployment, search for delivery jobs, work from home opportunities, and if you are a business apply with the SBA.

But it is not all doom and gloom. After our boy Whiskers died, we were very sad. He was a very good boy. We even ran a sale and hope in the future, if we are still in business, to have a ferret charm in his honor for sale. So, after mourning for a good amount of time, we decided it was time to enhance our family. And lo and behold we were blessed while in Florida this year. Before the world turned crazy, we were able to rescue two awesome little ferrets. One is named Stella and the other is Buddy. We were going to hold a naming contest, but decided to just call him Dudley. We are so happy to have them join our family. They are about 2 years old and man do they have a lot of energy. We cannot wait for you to meet them. 

Sadly, they came from a place that was not the best place. Their previous owner worked real hard to give them the best home they could. But they overwhelmed them with two other pets and two small daughters. We let them have a play date, but either from the location they were at or the other ferrets, our two older boys got sick. And very ill. They started to poop very tarry and then bloody. Poor Rocket was even throwing up. We rushed them to the vet asap at 3 am Tuesday morning /Monday night. It was a long Tuesday. If you can and want you can donate here to help with those bills. Seeing as work has dried up.

We think they are over the worst of it. But we will let you know Sunday. Fingers crossed all the meds we are giving them help them kick it. Once they are safe enough to travel we will hit the road to Texas! We will hunker down in the Lone Star State and if things get dire, we will head back to Michigan. As long as the faires we are going to will open; we will be there! No matter what happens, know that we are real people on this side of the business. And it is silly to say, but we are here if you want to chat or even talk about a brighter future. Message us or call us. This will not be the end of us if we all support each other and do our best to look after each other. So, until we talk again, good luck and God bless. 


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